Some experiences of regional group buying website operation

July 24, 2017

area buy site, as its name suggests, is a site for the purchase of activities in a region and established. Although it is only a small group buying activity, it is not competitive compared with the national group buying website. In the near future, the group buying market may also be occupied by small groups of all regions?. So here comes to the operation area buy site need to pay attention to it,


1, the most important of course is to contact local businesses to discuss cooperation, although as a regional group purchase website strength than large group purchase website, but local website’s sense of belonging and good interpersonal skills at this time can play a big role. It would be better if relatives and friends were in the store. But you can not just think of their own profits, but also for both buyers and sellers to consider, get business and customer’s favor, you have to believe in the power of word of mouth marketing. In the end, there will be countless businesses rushing to work with you because you have countless clients.

2, the success of the group purchase website mainly in earnings, in the choice of program there is no need to pay too much attention to, as far as possible to choose a ready-made source focus on developing better and faster in operation.

3, pay attention to honesty is the foundation of a website, in the era of group buying credit crisis, only the integrity of the website can survive in the market and open up a whole new world. Remember not to lose your eternal market for the sake of temporary gain.

4, group purchase website publicity in the area is still very good, looking for some of the local community, the forum and so on, in the above post, or to talk directly with the administrator point of advertising for group purchase will be added to the navigation bar area or group purchase website is possible. Use the popularity of these sites for publicity, the effect is very good. Followed by the local QQ group, paste it, dating sites, micro-blog and so on, are very good choice. In particular the QQ group of publicity, if there is already a group purchase website exists in some areas, then set up directly from the existing group purchase site QQ group inside to pull customers into their QQ group inside the effect is good. Because they are mostly had experienced veteran group purchase. Then the next thing is the service, its own characteristics and concessions. Do well to interact with existing customers to avoid customers being robbed. Of course, publicity is not only carried out online, offline publicity is also not neglect. Distributing leaflets on the focus on the local university campus and other young people, posters or organize activities in order to increase the site’s visibility and influence! Young man is the best of the network group purchase customer resources, three major benefits: purchase time, save money, worry attracts many young people’s attention, and young people are willing to try something new group. If the group can infiltrate and build a good reputation, through the young people’s free publicity, the speed of development is unimaginable.

5, the use of funds should be reasonable, should be planned in advance the use of funds program, as far as possible not idle funds, of course not

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