UCenter Home Cheats adding more active members to top ads

July 11, 2017

with the popularity of SNS, UCenter Home (SNS), like Discuz (BBS), has become the standard of community building sites. In order to make more use of the UCenter Home network community, we specially prepared UCenter Home (SNS) project site "operation cheats" series, put a lot of UCenter Home (SNS) technique application, to share with the webmaster friends, like UCenter Home and the broad stationmaster friends grow together.

skillfully adds more active users to

with top advertising bitsIn the early stages of development of the

UCenter Home, UCenter Home to active users to enhance the popularity and promote all people to participate in interactive (refers to active users within 15 days of landing, integral in more than 20, with more than 10 friends, and the active site and from other users to interact with the person). In the interactive people value UCH, value of active users to bring the entire station obvious to people: they can make a new registered users to see the popularity, on the other hand also exerts a subtle influence on other users to stay up.

has a certain initial popularity after the website, the stationmaster needs as many as possible to change the existing ordinary user into active user. Compared to ordinary users, active users have more lasting and greater popularity value. In the current UCenter Home site, active users are no lack of beauty figure, the reason for the investigation, the current Chinese Internet users in the proportion of women has risen to 46.4%,


, figure 1,

, according to the survey, a lot of female users are willing and easy to be concerned about, and the beauty of the user’s message board is constantly updated, that is the most obvious example. Under the group’s attention, users feel that they have received the approval of the people to satisfy a certain sense of importance (the sense of importance comes from the psychological needs of people who are recognized and respected.). Everyone hopes that their presence on the other meaningful and important, so are eager to be appreciated by others), if the owners through the top advertising as an ordinary user is the user’s attention to the stage of the station site beauty fueled or the value of the recommended, given its greater recognition, will greatly satisfy the their sense of importance, so as to become active and have a strong attachment to the website. For ordinary users the opportunity to show, is also a stimulus to more users, but also to convey this information to the user "your performance administrator is to look in the eye, good interaction, we are likely to be recommended". Next, as long as the webmaster in the next series of reasonable guidance, the site is not difficult in the early precipitation of a certain amount of active users, so as to lay a solid foundation for development!


in the development of better UCenter Home site, 5G outshine others, not only attracted a large number of people in the industry, users >

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