When the product in the user’s hand becomes complicated can you control it

July 11, 2017


core prompt everyone to use a product and may vary, product developers how to hold the bottom line in the use of all kinds of users in the product development in accordance with their intended direction


do you know the skill of impression taking?

when the note was also called Evernote, I became one of its many loyal users. After the impression notes were officially introduced into China, I also spared no effort to promote it among my friends around me. Friends will ask me, what is this place good impression notes things have? I will immediately use the CEO Libin words: impression notes "for the user to create second brain". Then I will put all kinds of dazzling users summed up the impression notes to use all skills to a friend, such as how to carry out knowledge management and how to work long-term planning, as well as high-end IFTTT with the preservation of micro-blog mail and etc..



was the reaction of friends always like cold water to calm my enthusiasm, many of them said that the impression notes function is indeed very powerful, can be cross platform, the function of shear reservoir and reading is also very practical, but those "change your impression of life notes 100 skills" such articles make they feel at a loss, resulting in the use of impression notes 10 hours is 9 hours in learning and studying those "very technical skills". They have to recover the original simplicity, honestly in the input method with the help of a word to knock down to record content.

got the feedback, and when I was depressed, I began to remember how I used impression notes. Good toss is a big hobby geeks: get Android mobile phones must brush ROM, see the new APP, regardless of their own in the end there is no use, must be installed experience. This function is originally met Evernote is very powerful, but also has many open interface products, can not let the geeks in droves? So, each hidden functions have been excavated, every possible application must go with its association.

aspires to be the user’s "second brain" impression note, originally intended to provide a form of knowledge management outside of the human brain. However, users of the product continue to give it new uses: memos, shopping lists, life logs, and guidebooks…… I don’t know if this is what the developer would have expected at first, but at least from the impressions blog and micro-blog, they’re still pleased with it.

‘s knowledge system derived from products

Baidu Encyclopedia of "knowledge" there is such an explanation:

knowledge is the sum of all human sums, and believes that it is correct and true, and can guide the solution of practical problems such as views, experiences, procedures and other information.


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