Teach mobile nternet entrepreneurs to protect their trademarks

June 22, 2017

in the Internet era, entrepreneurs should not only grasp the entrepreneurial skills, but also to be familiar with some basic business processes, such as the protection of trademark to start-up companies how to do in place, Xiaobian for you now teach tactics.

from WeChat to SkyDrive cloud drops, from 115 to the field of mobile Internet, many of the trademark disputes have proved this point. This article will explore how mobile Internet entrepreneurs should apply for trademark in order to make their own brand to be protected.

re understanding of the role of trademark

for hundreds of years, the trademark has been the main weapon brand protection enterprises, to protect their own brand, it shall apply for the corresponding category of trademark has been entrepreneurs look up to as the standard. But at the end of the last century in Internet start-ups prelude, technology innovation makes the function of a trademark has been weakened, at least on the mainstream of ".COM", the beginning can not apply for a trademark, but must apply for the domain name, the domain name is because the way users access to the ".COM company", and in the natural domain with their brand.

in addition, due to the design of additional location, somatosensory and other new features based on the mobile application can provide the services, convenience in the breadth and depth, are more than access to the Internet through the website. So, in the mobile Internet, the domain name for the protection of the brand is no longer particularly important, and the application of the brand name to obtain the right to use the brand name is particularly important. In this way, in the mobile Internet era, the trademark re important.

the law is social existing rules, but the development of society, technology innovation will change people’s way of life, and then change the rules, at the same time, the law should also be adjusted, but the development of the legal adjustment inevitable behind society. After the emergence of the mobile Internet, the traditional trademark classification system has also been challenged by the development of science and technology.

current trademark classification universal is "using the international classification of goods and services in nice agreement" registered trademark, the agreement of all products and services all over the world are divided into 45 categories, a total of more than 10 thousand goods and services. Although there are so many products and services, but after the advent of the mobile Internet, many new services are recommended

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