Vegetables wear new clothes business opportunities online

June 18, 2017

vegetable market has great potential, because people still want to eat, some strange vegetables more likely to allow consumers to purchase interest. Now in the vegetable market stalls, you can see the purple lettuce, purple potatoes, curved and covered with a variety of beans. These vegetables subvert the traditional color and form, to the public to bring a fresh feeling.

In addition to

cauliflower and broccoli in addition to the common white, can also be orange, purple, and blue. Cauliflower color produced by gene mutation, extracting the gene variants in the course of the study, to preserve breeding, slowly will have the corresponding varieties. Because of scarce, discoloration is often as a gift or a hotel dishes.

in vegetables, tomatoes and other color is relatively more. A pink tomato date is as pretty as a pink crystal, like a tomato and a jujube. A lot of people recently asked about the tomato seedling. In addition to the taste, the color of tomatoes are rich in nutrients are also different. Red tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is good for the prevention of cancer; orange tomatoes are high in carotene; pink contains a small amount of lycopene, but very little carotene. A consumer can control, each one takes what he needs.

watermelon can party can also triangular

in addition to color, vegetable shapes can be customized to achieve. For example, the watermelon into a square, and even into a triangle. The method is very simple, is to put the whole watermelon in a square glass box in the watermelon, let it grow according to the shape of the box.

if not love the original color, flesh color skin, can also retrofit. Orange flesh of watermelon flesh crisp, high sweetness, storage is a major advantage, as well as white flesh watermelon, there are golden yellow and white rind of watermelon. After eating watermelon, no longer what to eat, consumers can choose according to their own preferences, farmers can grasp the needs of individual species.

opportunities to challenge the traditional custom of vegetables

with advanced technology for the cultivation of vegetables, all kinds of tours "heart" pleasing new vegetables are emerging:


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