What is the most profitable investment projects in small cities

June 15, 2017

today, first-tier cities investment market increasingly saturated, intense competition, for the first time entrepreneurs, this is not the most ideal choice, so investors began to focus their attention on the small city, brought great vitality to the small city investment market. But what small cities do investment projects? The following Xiaobian take you to see.

the project mainly engaged in selling game cards and game accessories, cartoon character models, game strategy Raiders manual animation and game related products; provide the game engine and upgrade services. Before opening the shop, you need to understand the current market that is currently the most popular animation games and game consoles, etc., and then commodity analysis and positioning, the right to choose around the school. Initial investment is mainly rent, renovation, purchase of equipment, staff salaries and other expenses, 3-5 million to open business.

to lease a piece of suburban transportation, irrigation and drainage facilities of farmland, the employment of migrant workers is divided into a plurality of small plots of 100 square meters, to the city residents for lease, as they grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and leisure venues. The operator can charge 3000 yuan rent per acre plots, farmers leased land rent per acre is not more than 1000 yuan. The first phase of investment of about 50 thousand yuan.

aquatic flowers

potted aquatic flowers market along with the people the spirit of the pursuit of increased demand is gradually formed, the landscape and water landscape engineering of aquatic flowers are also increasing, so the project has certain market prospect. In addition, aquatic flowers hi light, hi temperature, moisture resistance, less pests and diseases, high reproductive coefficient, extensive cultivation and management, cultivation of small workload, low production costs, simple management, a year can be effective, suitable for women entrepreneurship.

the project investment scale is small, only need to purchase basic materials and tools, the first phase investment of 20 thousand yuan; staff requirement is not high, junior high school or above can be made form >;

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