Hubei Provincial Department of human resources and social open Venture Capital deas

June 13, 2017

now is a social public venture period, for the majority of entrepreneurs who choose business ideas is a very important thing in Hubei recently, entrepreneurship golden ideas collection activities, has attracted wide attention.

9 1, a reporter from the Hubei provincial human resources and Social Security Bureau was informed that, for the implementation of national and Hubei province "public entrepreneurship, innovation strategy, Hubei Provincial Department of human resources and social service functions" intends to combine the introduction of public entrepreneurship, innovation "the relevant documents are now collecting social services in the field of mass" entrepreneurship, innovation "," golden ideas to the public".

collection around the "public entrepreneurship, innovation", in need of human resources and social security in the field of burden, wrecker, supporting and encouraging the introduction of what policies, programs and services for content. The opinions and suggestions should be related to the employment, social insurance, salary distribution, talent development evaluation incentive, labor and personnel management, etc.. Each opinion, the proposed word control within 100 words.


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