Wu Zifang Stinky tofu joining policy introduced

May 29, 2017

stinky tofu and durian are smelling smelly eat sweet, small make up such words, presumably will draw the wave does not love the person of the stinky tofu. But the party’s friends must agree with me. A lot of good taste to join the brand Stinky tofu brands, such as Wu Zifang Stinky tofu.

Wu Zifang Stinky tofu is a comprehensive food technology company engaged in food, catering equipment, science and technology research and development, marketing management, market sales. Founded in 2000, the company is located in Tsinghua Science and Technology Park in Beijing, with all kinds of high and new technical personnel more than 100 people in the industry to enjoy a wide range of praise, is the first member of the chain. Wu Zifang Stinky tofu, beans, fruit and vegetable color dynamic health Fang tofu, tofu, bean curd, natural fruit and vegetable colorful fruits and vegetables, tofu, vegetables Soybean Milk bean products, soy milk, tofu curd, Tofu pudding, Soybean Milk everything.

for the establishment of a new profit model, from brand planning to cost control, Wu Zifang Stinky tofu in taste regulation, natural green, personalization, variety update, process standards and other aspects to achieve value-added profits, so franchise operators have unimaginable profit potential. In supermarkets, farmers market rent space, on-site installation equipment, on-site production, on-site sales, production and sales simultaneously, Wu Zifang Stinky tofu to maintain product freshness, double security quality and credibility of the supermarket, farmers market, to reassure customers.

Wu Zifang Stinky tofu joining policy:

, a company with "Wu Zifang Stinky tofu" special snack shop to join the full set of business model, marketing strategy, technical service and perfect industry training. Training includes "stinky tofu" and a variety of other features of the full range of production techniques and auxiliary raw materials production technology, and is responsible for years of technical guidance and assistance in the allocation of raw materials. The number of training by the franchisee self (generally about 1-2 people), training time, learners completely grasp the full set of technical subject (usually a week or so), during the training by the company unified free accommodation arrangements, and is no longer in charge of any other technology costs. Franchise stores opened, the company may be required to send professional and technical personnel to assist and guide (the required expenses paid by the franchisee).

two, the company supplied including "Stinky tofu" and several other special snack making used in the process of equipment and tools, these tools all over the country are available, the franchisee can freely choose the local materials or from the company to buy (full costs about 5 thousand yuan).

three, permission to join the party using the "Wu word square" trademark, allowing the use of "Wu Zifang authentic recipes, authentic products, exclusive and exclusive chain" and other similar expressions can be used as propaganda, supporting the provision of franchise authorization bronze, bronze medal, honor.

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