A station cabinet huangmaoyatou easily achieve the entrepreneurial dream

May 29, 2017

some people say that entrepreneurship is a man’s career, in fact, as long as you have a dream of entrepreneurship, anyone can start a business. The following small series to introduce you to a little girl entrepreneurial story, one of the ups and downs estimated only she knows.

has spent 3 years time, Cheng Xi clothing store do youmoyouyang. When the business is good, a month net profit of five thousand or six thousand yuan. 3 years, has accumulated 200 thousand resources.

2000 years later, Cheng Xi shop neighbors, seeing her business is good, follow suit purchase. Similar style of clothing, so that each business is not good to do. So, the idea of Cheng Xi hired two tailors, according to their own judgment on the popular, to proceed to modify the clothes "packaging". Straight bevel turned into seven long sleeved skirt, blink sleeve – immediately let their clothes out of the ordinary, natural business booming again.

have successfully changed the clothing experience, Cheng Xi has not "made", involved in the determination of the garment industry. In May 2001, with the support of family members, the establishment of Xiaoxi garment factory registration, rent stonegateway dozens of square meters of factory, mainly engaged in garment processing and sales.

the Xi but choked a big slobber — 200 thousand yuan savings, half of all losses. "I didn’t know anything. Do not understand the machine, with 12 sets of sewing machines started, and later learned that the original need button lining machine such as machine, pressure machine, keyhole; do not understand the fabric, a stock will be killed several million; 20 to understand management, personal work a mess; do not understand the market production of clothing, where to send? What can be accepted by consumers? "200 thousand yuan" Tuition "also let Cheng Xi grow a lot.

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