Beijing increase the number of electric vehicle charging pile net

May 11, 2017

Although the

electric vehicle in people’s travel brings convenience, but a lot of time, there are still a lot of problems plaguing consumers. For example, when the electric car outside, need to charge how to do? Recently in Beijing, will increase the input of electric vehicle charging pile, so that more consumers can rest assured.

in recent years, the growth of electric vehicle ownership, including charging piles, including the rapid development of various types of charging infrastructure.

National Energy Bureau of North China Energy Regulatory Bureau relevant responsible person said, part of the charging infrastructure problems in the construction and operation process, such as charging parking spaces are non electric vehicle charging, long occupied instability problems.

we all know that electric cars can bring people more environmental protection, natural advantages will be greater, has been with the support of the government, electric vehicle sales have been increasing. 63706601 days before the opening of the pile hotline Beijing city electric vehicle charging, specializes in Beijing charging pile construction and operation problems of complaints and advice.

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