From the point of view of the shop name

May 10, 2017

how to develop from a small shop step by step into a large company, depends on a number of factors, in which a suitable name often plays a very decisive role. How to give yourself a small shop a good name, there is still a way. Xiao Bian will be named as the core of the store attributed to pro word, the company attributed to the rationale of the word.

what is "reason"? The nature of reason is profit, but its performance is the pursuit of the concept. The pursuit of interests is the nature of the company, but modern enterprises pay more attention to the humanities, management, human nature, so the company must have a profound meaning, social value.

what is "pro"? This is the name of the core principles of the shop, the shop began in the streets of many streets, neighborhood villagers, so, its name to close to the public opinion, in line with the people, people familiar with, convenient, emotional and life more dependent. Therefore, the shop name must be kind, familiar.

1, from the consumer’s point of view named

traditional shop name, mostly from the operator’s point of view, that is, according to the needs of operators, choose their favorite name. This naming method has now been abandoned by many people. Because it can meet the needs of the operator, but not necessarily to meet the needs of customers, and even make the customer resentment. For example, "many firms" and "property shops", tend to give people the impression of "profiteers".

now, from the customer’s point of view has become the first choice for many businesses and companies named ideas. Such naming ideas, requires the name should be in line with the needs of customers, so that customers have a good impression, get some kind of psychological satisfaction. For example, "timely rain pawn line", "banquet guest house", "convenience supermarket", "people’s shoes", "Wumart supermarket", etc..

2, from the operator’s point of view named

Although the

from the operator’s point of view has been named by many people abandoned, but this does not mean that can not be completely from the operator’s point of view is the key to name to name, from the operator’s point of view, must be clever and natural, but also consider avoiding certain restrictions. From the operator’s point of view to name the most commonly used, is to use their names as shops, the name of the firm. In his own name as the name, there are a lot of Chinese and foreign. For example, "Wang Mazi scissors shop" and "JOHNDEERE" are two typical examples.

3, from the perspective of products and services named

from the point of view of the product name, the common method is to highlight the characteristics of their products. For example, used to indicate their operating characteristics of the "MerryMart supermarket", tell consumers here high quality and inexpensive, value >

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