Hunan self employment popular soil chicken egg

April 14, 2017

entrepreneurship has become a way to get rid of the status quo, but many people hesitate to choose what kind of enrichment project? In fact, the chicken in the vast rural areas and soil egg is very easy to hit! Yuan boss, the day after tomorrow for me to prepare 20 chickens and 100 eggs, I brought to Guangdong!" The new year, is the way to the customer to send chicken and egg soil, "Hunan Province independent employment advanced individual, Lanshan County School ho family farm owner Yuan Xuehao, and received the customer order phone, he readily answered said," OK, no problem, tomorrow on time delivery door!"

: "these days, then this day as scheduled chicken and egg phone twenty or thirty now, chicken and eggs are in short supply, often buying stock, sometimes only wronged customers, ask them back!" After hanging up the phone, a face of confidence Yuan Xuehao chatted with reporters in the chicken market and their entrepreneurial story, "chicken only so much, to ensure the quality, not shoddy, smashed his own brand; laying a natural one egg, one day all the hens eggs, can be sold out. Now, the hen 35 yuan a pound, a small cock of a pound of $30, a big cock of $28 a pound; ordinary soil eggs a 51, green eggs and Pearl eggs and so on to a two……"

more than and 30 year old Yuan Xuehao, Shimenn County BaoFeng District in Changde City, in 2005 after graduating from the Hunan Agricultural University, and his wife Liu Jing came to work in Shenzhen. He has come to Shenzhen Foxconn, HP, a monthly salary of more than 8 thousand. His wife Liu Jing in the smart work, a monthly salary of 12 thousand yuan. 2012, the couple gave up in Shenzhen’s high salary, Yuan Xuehao came to his wife’s home town of Lanshan County, the town of Chen Chen rented more than and 180 acres of land on the ground, founded the Hao family farm on the".


farm is a combination of planting and breeding ecological farm to the cultivation of Newhall orange, red orange, American sugar figs, kiwi fruit and on the basis of stocking local chicken, goose. Of which 115 acres of timber trees, orchards, acres of organic vegetables planted 5 acres, fish ponds of 10 acres, an effective area of ecological farming up to 140 acres. Farm plans in 3 years to develop a set of fruit picking, fishing, mountain search for treasure – soil eggs as one of the leisure and sightseeing agricultural science and technology demonstration enterprises.

in farming, Yuan Xuehao devoted a lot of effort, and accompanied by the daily chicken. Especially in the chickens of the material, Yuan Xuehao is always strictly determined not to feed the transgenic maize, but personally villages and households to buy local corn people kind of chickens.

"I raised chicken growth in pollution from industrial pollution, the city forest orchard area. I always adhere to free range, pure grain feed, follow the law of animal growth, never use feed, hormones to promote their growth." Ecological farming has always been the case of their own chickens recommended

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