Sun monk bottom let farmers mind in Xining city to strengthen the three capital management to promot

April 12, 2017

in Xining city to strengthen rural collective funds, assets, resources, supervision and management, as a breakthrough point to promote the construction of rural clean government, in order to form a clear property rights and responsibilities, operating efficiency, democratic management and supervision in place management system and mechanism as the core, to promote rural grassroots cadres to perform their duties, to promote rural economic and social the sound and fast development.

rural "three capital" belongs to all members of the village collective economic organizations, is the development of rural economy, promote grass-roots party style and clean government and achieve common prosperity of the important material foundation. In recent years, the Party committee and Xining municipal government attaches great importance to the rural collective funded management work, continue to strengthen the system construction, and actively explore the mode of supervision, standardize the rural collective funded disposal behavior, promote the development of rural collective economy, and achieved remarkable results. To promote the city’s rural collective funded management to a new level, last year, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection launched the "guidance" on strengthening supervision and administration of rural collective capital resources, in order to protect the villagers of collective funded possession use income and distribution rights, decision-making, administration and oversight powers. The rural collective funded use and income shall be open to all the villagers, assets and resources contracting, leasing, transfer shall be subject to bidding or public bidding, to ensure that the "three" safety and value, let the farmers get more benefits, in order to achieve the benefits of sharing principle, build a new line for rural grassroots clean government.

according to the Huangzhong County Rural cooperative management station owners Cai Bangcheng introduced since last December, the township of Huangzhong County in the rural collective funded capital verification work in the inventory of "family property" in the process of administrative unit as the county rural cooperative supervision and management work of Huangzhong County, the township is responsible for regular Huitong do the collective annual financial audit and audit investigation on major issues; center of town economic development service is the specific implementation mechanism of the rural area "funded" supervision and service; the project in accordance with the relevant provisions of the competent units responsible for the village collective project funds and operation timely guidance and supervision, the formation of layers of responsibility, checks the pattern.

According to the

bridge in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County town on the village Party branch secretary Han Shengjun introduction, in the village of "three capital" to conduct a comprehensive and thorough investigation of publicity, the villagers in the village of "family property" in mind, "the bottom". The village, a village of three accounts all closed in the township, the villagers represented in the financial group built in the village, the daily expenses of 500 yuan, to accept the supervision of the financial management team, with such a mechanism, the villagers have more right to know, decision-making, supervision, village grassroots organizations will be more honest to fulfill their duties. (author: Xiao Liu Qinghua Muzi)

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