207 key projects invested 60 billion 300 million yuan

April 11, 2017

the afternoon of March 7th, the municipal government held in 2014 the city’s key projects to clear work conference, this year the city will implement 207 key projects, a total investment of 239 billion 600 million yuan, plans to invest 60 billion 300 million yuan this year, accounting for more than half of the total investment in the city, the number of key projects and the scale of investment projects are the highest. Meeting the requirements of Zhuazao, grasping, do deep, do fine project to restart the work, and strive to construction projects before the end of March the full resumption of work, the new project started before the end of April.

It is reported that

, a key project of these projects in 81, B class 126 key projects; 116 construction projects, new projects 91. Projects involving agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, urban infrastructure, social undertakings, trade and circulation, ecological environment, political and legal infrastructure, real estate and industrial projects and other fields. The Xining Railway Station comprehensive renovation, social concern, the central square of the North expansion project are within a municipal key projects, renovation project will train station in JianShe Railway Station area road network of municipal engineering, underground space and South Plaza project, the completion of the project construction tasks in accordance with the 2014 completion of the construction period; the central square of the North expansion project will implement the construction set city public cultural space, ecological landscape is one of the cultural and leisure center. In addition, this year will also implement the use of renewable energy in the city, Xining municipal solid waste incineration power generation, industrial park, a small number of new projects in the East district.

at present, the municipal government has approved the implementation of the "Xining 2014 fixed asset investment plan", the meeting called on all regions, departments and units in accordance with the requirements of the project construction work. The decision to start the process, all localities and departments must fully grasp the key period of spring, the formation of industrial investment climax, ahead of the arrival of the peak in the first quarter. The meeting also called for further strengthening of major projects to the supervision and inspection, in accordance with the end of March, the end of April two time node, supervise the project to restart, not to restart the project, the responsible units and persons responsible for accountability.


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