Taxi fare adjustment

April 2, 2017

taxi industry to ease the rising operating costs of our city pressure, operating costs and digestion of natural gas price adjustment and related costs of taxi operators, effectively solve the city taxi difficult and illegal operation of vehicles flooding phenomenon. Provincial and municipal government agreed that the city intends to adjust taxi fares. December 4th morning, the public and taxi drivers are very concerned about the Xining city taxi tariff adjustment hearing held. The preliminary examination opinions for the municipal development and Reform Commission proposed the taxi tariff adjustment, the participants put forward opinions and suggestions on issues related to the taxi tariff adjustment, the necessity and feasibility of the taxi industry regulation service and combat "black". There are three reasons for the price adjustment of
one reason: at present, the price of natural gas price adjustment has a certain impact on the operation cost of city rental industry, and in 2006 April the city of taxi price adjustment, the price has been adjusted. During this period, the operating costs of taxi gas costs, vehicle maintenance and repair costs and other aspects have been improved in varying degrees, so that taxi operators income decline.
two reasons: the "play hard" has become a common phenomenon, at the same time, the "black car", such as flood peak reluctance of the bus and taxi fare is low also have obvious relationship. Therefore, through price leverage, will effectively solve the city taxi difficult and illegal operation of vehicles flooding phenomenon, solve the problem of low fare, taxi to improve operational efficiency, promote the healthy and stable development of the taxi industry.
three reasons: can be established between all kinds of traffic tools and reasonable price relations, leading some of the passengers choose bus travel, taxi to better meet the public demand for personalized travel.
– the price impact on passengers. 2006 to 2013, the city’s consumer prices;

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