Western three level information platform to serve the masses

March 31, 2017

Home care for the elderly and children who help? Street noise nuisance, who should be in charge? Although these are trivial things, but pieces related to people’s lives. To the next two years, the West District of innovative community public service and management model, the first to build a service in the province of the people of the three level of information platform, so that people enjoy the fruits of urban digital management.Since the

a spirit of "6112345"

in Xishan Lane in a family home this year, only one family did not post the insulation layer, tenants are two advanced in age of the elderly, they call 6112345 for help. Taking into account the actual situation of the two elderly families, West District construction board promised to install insulation layer. Mr. Pu reflect the public, near the green building near the bridge is often the hands of fortune teller liar, feedback to the West District Urban Management Bureau, the Council immediately solved the problem. Ms. Mu to reflect the public telephone, the 54 street theatre in Qinghai City Fuyuan gold Hot pot LED big screen all night lights flashing, seriously affected the normal residents across the rest. After receiving the reflection, contact the hotline operator immediately with the city office staff, office staff and gold Fuyuan staff consultations after the solution to this problem.

free government services for the people

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