Qinghai box office for the first time exceeded billion mark

March 31, 2017

Last year with the "mind", "catch Sherlock worry", "speed and passion" 7 and many other outstanding works in our province into the hospital to watch the movie theaters, people up more, our province will stride forward singing militant songs at the box office. January 14th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of radio, film and television film, in 2015 the province’s first breakthrough in the box office billion mark, reaching 102 million yuan. This means that one out of every two people spent $39 last year to watch a movie.

entered the era of billion at the box office in Qinghai

in recent years on weekends, holidays, my province cinemas are unusually hot, even during the hard to get a vote hit film. According to statistics, the province at the box office 12 million yuan in 2011, the province was only 2 cinemas, the number of screens is only 8 to 2014 votes; the real number is 66 million 390 thousand yuan; the 2015 box office is a breakthrough in the 100 million yuan, an increase among the nation. The number of cinema in our province has grown from 2 in 2011 to the current 20, the number of viewing reached a total of about 2730000 passengers.

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