Wang Yubo according to the requirements of fine style

March 29, 2017

West City newspaper reporter unannounced visits to the Xining municipal government administrative service hall window units after the January 18th publication of "most thoughtful individual" indifference stiff paper by the Xining municipal government and the Xining municipal government attaches great importance to the administrative service center, deputy secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yu made waves. Subsequently, the Xining municipal administrative service center has also issued a corresponding corrective measures to effectively change the style of work.

January 18th, Xining mayor Wang Yubo to the "most warm and thoughtful individual – reporters make unannounced visits to the provincial capital of indifference stiff" the work style of window units given instructions: to maintain a good, insufficient to improve, according to the requirements of fine work, turn style, improve the service level and the masses satisfaction rate.

Xining municipal government administrative service center immediately reported on the issue of administrative service center in this newspaper conducted a verification. January 21st, the center and the relevant departments of the responsible person to criticize, ordered the relevant staff to reflect on and improve the work. At the same time, the Xining municipal government administrative service center also organized a meeting of the heads of the Department in charge of the window, stressed the window work discipline and attention, and strengthen the supervision and inspection of the window.

January 22nd, the Xining municipal government administrative service center again organized to learn the central, Xining Province, on improving the work style, close ties with the masses of the relevant provisions, combined with Wang Yubo on the "fine, turn style, to improve the service level and the masses satisfaction rate, combined with the actual administrative service work, decided on January before the end of the introduction of the system, fine service administrative services, change the style of" ten prohibitions "and administrative service center, to further strengthen and refine the service window.

in addition, administrative service center of Xining municipal government stationed in the unit also held a meeting, respectively carry out self correction work, in accordance with the requirements of fine work, will further improve work standards and work processes, on the basis of the original, refine, simplify and optimize procedures, improve the disposable inform system etc.. At the same time, the relevant departments will also conduct business training staff, and constantly improve the work style, improve the overall quality of the staff.

The administrative service center

Xining municipal government official said, "west Metropolis Daily" report reflects the existence of problems and deficiencies in the work center to the center, sounded the alarm, thanks to the "West Sea metropolis" supervision on the work of the center. In the future, the center will further strengthen the internal management, improve the rules and regulations, strengthen the study and exchange of staff, and effectively improve the work style, so that the masses are satisfied, so that the government assured. (author: Yuan Zhen)


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