Xining City East District Urban Management Qingnuan poor sanitation workers children

March 24, 2017

the morning of October 13th, in the Eastern District of Xining city city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau under the help of the area 7 children admitted to a key university of poor environmental sanitation workers families and households children admitted to key high school poor sanitation worker families received scholarships and grants.

in order to help families area sanitation workers children’s schooling, Chengdong District Urban Management Bureau through the investigation of selected children admitted to key universities of the 7 poor sanitation worker families, payment of 2000 yuan per household grants; for a family of children admitted to key high school poor sanitation workers family issued 500 yuan scholarship. Prior to this, East District Urban Management Bureau of sanitation workers outing for pension, accident and injury insurance for them, actively strive for the district government support an increase in wages and benefits, effectively solve the area sanitation workers living difficulties.


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