Show the community culture and build a harmonious community

March 21, 2017

October 20th, my community meeting room, racket. Unit area Chaoyang School and my community liaison office of the theatrical performances "show eighteen community cultural recreational activities – style to build a civilization harmonious community" to celebrate the party in the warm applause in the curtain.
show a community dance troupe of snowy plum "red embroidered" area, volunteer students Zibianziyan students "," super comedy recitation "evenings", to show the contemporary students’ versatile. Area of the old party members and residents to bring the chorus of the motherland kind mother, did not want the Communist Party did not want to new China and other red songs, showing the old members of the community and the style of the residents. In the middle of the show, interspersed with the creation of a civilized city knowledge prize quiz, community uncle aunt who scrambled to answer, the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.


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