The ecological benefits of the fire ditch treatment were significant

March 21, 2017

, I fire comprehensive control project of watershed as a key construction project of soil and water conservation in the province since 2010 since the implementation of soil and water conservation ecological benefits, provide ecological barrier for the city’s production and living.

fire Valley is located in the South Bank of the Huangshui River west area of Huangshui River, is a tributary of the Yellow River, two tributaries. The basin total area 131km2, 112.38km2 area of soil erosion in the watershed accounted for 85.79% of the total area, river basin administrative district Peng Zhen, Huangzhong County, west of Xining City, West Town, Huangzhong county and Huangzhong County lushaer town totalzhai Zhen, involving a total of 12 administrative villages. The steep slope of the ditch in the ditch, the vertical and horizontal gully, a total of 36 channels, soil erosion is very serious. As of now, the project completed a total area of 36 km2 of soil erosion, which completed the shrub planting tree of 170 Hm2, 384.9 Hm2, 3045.1 hm2 ban, masonry check dam block 47, completed an investment of 9 million 250 thousand yuan. Small watershed in the fire to keep the ecological construction through two years of soil, the basin soil erosion effectively control soil erosion intensity was reduced to some extent, the vegetation coverage rate increased significantly, conserving water, reduce surface runoff and erosion, promote the benign cycle of river basin ecosystem. (author: Yao)

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