Consulting report 12333 telephone consulting services to achieve full coverage

March 21, 2017

Recently, 12333 in the province of human resources and social security of the province centralized telephone consultation service hotline opened, consulting service hotline covers policy consulting, information query and complaint three functions, to achieve full coverage of the province’s 12333 service.

it is reported that Qinghai province human resources and social security department attaches great importance to the construction of human resources and social security 12333 telephone consultation platform based 12333 telephone hotline opened at the provincial level in 2013, this year, the province 12333 system construction is included in the focus of the work, consulting seats increased from 4 to 11, covering the establishment of human resources and social to guarantee the business nearly 10000 information policy and law library, questions library and guide library, a solid foundation for the realization of full coverage of the service call.

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