Examination of the key links in the key candidates

March 21, 2017

The concern of the city of Xining in 2015 and graduated from junior high school entrance exam is started, for the majority of successful candidates should be admitted, in June 12th, the Xining municipal education examination issued a "reminder" to the senior high school entrance examination students and parents, to remind the majority of candidates Mo in the key link of negligence, and issued a "senior high school entrance examination way" initiative to the majority of private owners.

at the ticket, candidates should carefully read each word "ticket" on the "cultural lesson notes", the best word also don’t pass, to ensure that the required to take the exam.

test time point position to remember: senior high school entrance examination exam culture time: June 17th -19 days (specific examination time and place in the time and place specified on the admission date).

has nothing to do with the examination items, don’t take the candidates for admission, in addition to 0.5 mm 2B pencil, pen, ruler, compass, triangle, eraser, any other items not allowed into the examination room. It is strictly prohibited to carry a variety of communication tools (such as mobile phones and other wireless reception, transmission equipment, etc.), electronic storage and recording equipment, as well as record correction fluid, correction tape and other items into the examination room.

standardize the answer reminder 1 multiple-choice questions must use a regular 2B pencil, and marked according to the standard requirements of the answer card (not the painting line, the filled circle, draw hooks and other options); filling multiple choice, to maintain the same problem with a few black spots in the blackness of the basic consistent. If you want to modify, the wrong answer, wipe clean, re filling accurate answer.

standardize the answer reminder 2 multiple-choice questions must use 0.5 mm black pen. And in strict accordance with the requirements of the answer in the specified answer area according to the answer, must not exceed the prescribed area, otherwise the answer is invalid.

standardize the answer reminder 3 candidates to answer multiple-choice questions, writing should be neat and clear, don’t write too long, proper spacing kerning, the answer should not be too dense, do not use red pen, pencil, pen or ball pen and other writing pen.

standardize the answer reminder 4 candidates answer multiple-choice questions when an error occurs, must draw two horizontal line in the wrong words (not scribble or use other symbols), continue to answer.

standardize the answer reminder 5 candidates should pay attention to the examination papers and answer card fill in personal information within a specified range, and in the process of maintaining the answer sheet neat, not folded, damaged, non pollution, not in the filling zone of graffiti.

personal check – good grades in senior high school entrance examination scores query time is scheduled for early July, at the attention of the Education Bureau of Xining city;

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