Chenggong District Kunming to support entrepreneurship

March 19, 2017

has a disability, this let countless people sad, at the same time, once there is a disability, the source of the economy will almost be cut off, which makes a lot of people’s lives, there will be difficulties. Under the new era, local governments continue to introduce preferential policies to help more people with disabilities embarked on the road to success. Kunming District of Chenggong is the case, so as to help more people with disabilities to achieve the dream of entrepreneurship.

18, in the Chenggong District, the twenty-sixth National Day activities, Yang Zhide entrepreneurial base soil egg pursued by citizens. The base of Yunnan University and only separated by a road, in this fertile red earth, pollution-free vegetable planting a 100 year old pear, pear, fresh Haidong ecological forest, grazing to insects, flowers, spring water to eat chicken, egg from the soil, has now become the ecological characteristics product base. In addition, the entrepreneurial base also operates food and beverage, leisure, seedling cultivation and other projects.

it is hard to think of Yang Zhide, in fact, is a double limb two disabled. In 2008, one of their own houses in the reconstruction, Yang Zhide was a piece of cement board houses on the injured lumbar spine, leading to lower body and legs were paralyzed, the doctors determined that his life can only be in a wheelchair. Yang Zhide, there are nearly eighty years old, a minor son was still in junior high school, as the mainstay of the family, encountered such a misfortune, to accept him for a time, made two attempts to commit suicide.

"I have today, thanks to the party and government, social care and family care, which makes my closed mind open the window again, warm and harmonious society, with this heart of resurrection heart back to society, family and society, the disabled." Base since the establishment of 5 community arrangements for the disabled and their families for jobs, the annual training for the disabled, the orchard of fruit maturity, Yang Zhide base will send a box of pears for the community household families of disabled persons.

Yang Zhide is the representative of Chenggong District Disabled entrepreneurial success at present, the Chenggong District Disabled about 1600 people, the disabled employment age (16 – 59) of 793 people, accounting for the disabled employment 50%, 275 disabled people (including self-employed 92), accounting for the employment of disabled people ages 35%. For the disabled employment, Chenggong CDPF actively create conditions for the disabled employment.

first to strengthen the training of vocational skills and practical skills for the disabled, improve employment skills for the disabled. 2015 organized two occupation qualification training — cooking and nutrition catering, each for 15 days, training 90 people, after the training can be obtained through the examination issued by the Department of human society the occupation qualification certificate. At the same time the joint area, street community disabled, residual Association carried out 16 practical technical training, training more than 450 people, and create conditions for the disabled employment recommendation

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