How much is the lunch snack business profits

March 19, 2017

now employees life is the most no less fast food, because of the accelerated pace of life, increasing the pressure of life and work pressure, let us fight time these people did not want to eat in the problem of spending too much time lunch is not only convenient, but also in meat collocation is complete, so a lunch a lot of people dining at first, many people have begun to join this line to go to lunch so high profits? The profits to the end?

How much is the lunch

fast-food business profits?

hunger breeds discontentment, eating is a major event in life, with the pace of life faster, the catering industry’s most promising in this century is rapidly becoming the project, as a leader in the lunch, have lunch. According to the survey, Chinese catering sales in 2007 exceeded trillion billion to reach 12100, to reach $17 trillion in 2010, and today in 2017, the food and beverage industry is developing like a raging fire, more information, the scale of capital investment in the diet, China box meal accounted for 78.9%, accounting for only 21.1% of western style lunch. As a representative of Chinese products in the lunch box, has a very large market share and profit margins.

How many

lunch profits, this is an issue of common concern, lunch cost is low, the rent is not expensive, the profit of up to 50%, a conservative estimate, profits can reach 30%. Is the real money making industry. Business lunch let many entrepreneurs get hitherto unknown wealth in return. Along with the fast pace of life, fast food industry has become the most potential development of the project, so that investors to join the project will have a broad market prospects. Intelligent patent equipment cooking, from the point to the need of the production time is very short, do not need to hire a chef, low cost.

business lunch items, store area does not need to be too large, about twenty or thirty square meters can operate successfully, also do not need lots of luxury. And now the rise of a variety of takeaway software, making many people will choose to call a meal, rather than go to the store to eat, so do not need to hire a lot of service personnel, low cost, profit margins of course.

everyone after watching the above introduction, for lunch profit is not a new understanding of the lunch box? High profits, and the investment is small, many small entrepreneurs preferred, so let’s take action, good opportunity not to be missed.

Of course, if you have a

lunch snack investment ideas, but do not know what brand is better, so please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you to see the message, can provide more joining Brand for you.

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