90 students return home when the farmers get rich quick

March 19, 2017

now society, college students entrepreneurship has become a normalization, at the same time, many of the students also started the path of prosperity, then say the student entrepreneurs is one of the typical representative.

from the beginning, Chen Xing began to drive a Taobao store sales of home tea, while visiting Zhengzhou major tea, tea, tea sales to observe and learn. At first single-handed, are known to be shut out of tea sales personnel. At the same time, the same teahouse, he has been to six times.

Third, Chen Xing concentrated in Zheng Dong New District of Zhengzhou tea company internship, get up at 5 every day to catch the bus, eat lunch at noon, eat instant noodles at night, "is hard but it is worth, I learned a lot of things tea marketing". By the end of 2014, Chen Xing set up his own tea company.

now approaching graduation, Chen Xing classmates are busy for your choice, go abroad, financial institutions into banks, securities companies, or to the North Canton and other big city development, but he insisted on going home as a "Xiang tea".

his sales "tall"

experiential teahouse, micro shop, online shopping mall……

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