Women’s fashion stores location points

March 18, 2017

In fact, whether

is a veteran investment novice or experienced, in women’s fashion stores should seriously take the first step: location. If the store location is appropriate, then the operation is equivalent to half the success. Exactly how to choose? Come and see.

if you do is mass consumer brand, can be considered a convenient traffic crowd continued to increase the rate of district level boarding. If you do a personalized narrow market, then you can consider operating in the secondary market, in order to reduce the rent and other costs. When there are more than five women’s fashion stores around, you also do fashion women, then you must have the characteristics of goods, take the difference between the route, as well as brand awareness, otherwise it is difficult to win.

if you shop in the street on both sides of the street shops not to. Because customers will be more than three goods, and so he finished a circle, may be tired, hungry or temporary, and then return to your store the possibility of small. And is also the first berth. In the north, in the face of customers love the street walk, less traffic view. For businesses, the same rent, then on both sides of the road, turnover is two times worse. Try to shop at the local or near groupkey. Because it will step 30% sale. This is related with the flow of people, the customer may come to this corner, this is the guest to no respect. The location should be taken into account when the flow route will not be stopped competitors.

the key before the open women’s fashion stores is to find a location, in front of the shop to inspect the location is chosen, in order to reduce the investment risk. The selection of the fashion store to pay attention to methods and techniques, which requires investors to seriously study.

fashion stores location key, you can according to the above suggestions to seriously study area, the comprehensive advantages of choosing suitable location. Want to learn more skills can focus on the relevant information, I wish you to pick a good location.

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