The corn field fast food franchise

March 18, 2017

we’ll never feel old-fashioned a forever fresh texture of the topic for this topic to eat. Can not enjoy the life of food can be described as no survival significance. Food and beverage market prospects are very good, choose a good brand followed by the army to move forward, will be your wise choice. What brand is worth recommending? The corn field development today has fifteen years, with grain field private beef noodle characteristics accounted for a space for one person around the food and beverage market, are you interested in this project? The grain field to join the project is a popular delicacy, everyone is worth your love, for a detailed understanding of the project.

has been a popular delicacy must have development prospects, and the grain wheat field is a form of fast food chain, for the operation of the leading direction for the development of chain catering enterprises, the company formerly known as a large catering company, established more than fifteen years old. In 2010 the company officially investment "grain field home style beef noodle" project, staff of the company’s development has already exceeded 500 people, chain store has covered the northeast, North China and central China, more than a dozen large and medium-sized city, with the amount of time the company is in rapid development, the continued growth in stores.


project has joined the scientific concept of grain field health, fashion delicacy delicacy, which combines fast and convenient, fast food, and brought together the essence of Chinese medicinal delicacy, will be made one private characteristics and traditional western fast food, forming a pattern of Chinese fast food is nutritious and healthy and unique characteristics, to meet the needs of different consumer groups! Over the years, the company is based on the operating characteristics, to customer satisfaction as the future direction of the company, ensure the product quality at the same time, also in the effort to create the "corn field" brand catering culture construction.

grain field headquarter from professional R & D team, professional management team, high taste store decoration, warm smile very humane and professional service quality, all of which show the grain field of catering industry dedication and innovation spirit, wonderful interpretation of the people’s supreme delicacy state.

wants to start to join the grain field quickly in the message of our website below, so that we can work late to get in touch with you, and want to discuss more detailed information to join.

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