Fuyang city workers home business

March 17, 2017

in recent years, the local government attaches great importance to employment, in the management of activities driven, introduce more policies to attract migrant workers returning home for business, to achieve employment at home can get rich vision.

"in January next year, to complete the welding and polishing robot all on the line, we expect a day can produce 800 nursing beds." Anhui Fuyang Fukang medical equipment limited company manager Wang Mingtuan recently briefed reporters on the road.

2001 years, Wang Mingtuan returned home from the field of entrepreneurship. He told reporters that in 1996 in Beijing medical equipment industry, he saw the business opportunities. After several years of accumulation of his hometown, continue to travel in this circle. In 2007, set up their own medical equipment factory, the homegrown. Founded 8 years ago, the product sales to the country, but also to achieve export. Last year the company turnover reached more than 8 thousand yuan, is expected to reach $150 million this year.

"start to drive everybody else." Ouyang Jian said.

When the

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