Reselling personal information QQ Longyan man was sentenced to nine months

March 17, 2017

in our daily life, as a basic QQ chat tool, almost everyone is in use, but some personal information for online registration, some opportunistic reselling. QQ by reselling tens of thousands of customer information, from the illegal profits of more than 28 yuan, the thought of a windfall, but stand in jail. Longyan City, Yongding province people’s court 8, 2009, the court to the crime of infringing upon the personal information of citizens sentenced the man Xiemou prison term of 9 months and fined RMB 20 thousand yuan.

2015 from June to April 2016, Xiemou by QQ at an average price of 10 yuan each to buy another mall in taobao.com, Jingdong with the customer’s name, phone, name and order number, delivery address and other information, and then provide the equivalent Taobao engaged in fraud criminal gangs, gang crime by means of fraud from the above online shopping customer accounts to pay money to buy game coupons, and then to the Xiemou game coupons the actual value of 14% off to be acquired, and then to 10 percent off sold the game coupons "washes" exchange into RMB home, profits of price from 4%. According to statistics, from somewhere inside the computer seized Xie sent personal information 14167, verified the citizen information 2044.

2016 April 27th, Xiemou was Longyan Public Security Bureau Yongding branch of Public Information Network Security Supervision Brigade police arrested, and seized their wireless network card, notebook computers, mobile phones and other tools of crime.

personal information is protected by applicable law, for reselling personal information on the QQ, has violated the relevant laws, be sentenced is behoove. The court held that the defendant Xiemou violation of the relevant provisions of the state, illegal access to and provide personal information to others, the circumstances are serious, his behavior constituted the crime of infringement of personal information of citizens. After justice can truthfully confessed his crime, a good attitude, can be given a lighter punishment according to law. Accordingly, the court made the first instance verdict.

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