Founder of the 1 shop in the first venture of the ten insights

March 16, 2017

a lot of entrepreneurs think entrepreneurs need Daxiangdiyipao is done in one vigorous effort, in fact, entrepreneurship is a marathon, with perseverance who can stick to the end, you can succeed, shop No. 1 founder Yu Gang is such a stick.

why entrepreneurship?

: "a lot of people in just the past record industry, a lot of people are entrepreneurs, there are a lot of people have the intention of doing pioneering work in the future. But you have not thought deeply, what is your business? Is now because of not liking the work, want to escape from the workplace; or envy those successful people, like Ma Yun, Yu Minhong, Ma Huateng, hope you have a real passion for achieve success and win recognition; or, have a dream, want to do a thing to realize the value of things." Today entrepreneurial story to share with you, just in the two venture in some of the sentiment, in the middle, but also hope that everyone from his understanding of what they experience, or less take some detours.

the first to entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship is a marathon, not one hundred meters at

if in the business do not want to be a hundred years old, can not do an evergreen enterprises.

my first time in the United States, then do the software, aviation management, to get the project, quickly began to write software, but wrote a year after the discovery of the structure of the software is wrong, to write more complex, write more difficult. So, re overthrow, re build the structure, re write the software, a waste of time. But this is still a technical problem, the enterprise is more important or culture, core competitiveness.

when founded Shop No. 1 at the time, I and my partner Liu Junling in a small room, a dozen square meters, a table, do not move the first employee. We spent a lot of energy to think about the spirit and culture of the enterprise. I wrote two pages, and later said it was too long to remember. Let’s cut it down to half a page and say we can’t remember. Finally a 8 words, the last two people separately sort, find complete agreement: integrity, innovation, execution, customer. As a result, these 8 words are the cornerstone of our business, and we put it into every action.

I want to find

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