Management bags can not only talk about human

March 15, 2017

Chinese people like to pay attention to human affairs, there is a good human affairs, which will speed up the efficiency of a certain extent, but the overall security environment is not conducive to the rule of law management. The man thought persist in most business people way of life, has become a major feature of Chinese on business. In the eyes of many bags to join the brand, brand bags to join investors to join in the terminal stores business bags, although hard to seek their own development, but still can not let the terminal stores to join bags further forward on the road, the reason is because these brand shoes investors to join in the management of the store into a human circle ".

join the terminal stores in the luggage management, the manager who wants to know, human and executive force is inversely proportional to the. The meaning of this sentence is: human speak more, manager management ability is poor; the manager management ability is strong, it must speak less. Many managers with strategic vision is very good, often can make good plans for the development of the terminal stores to join bags but suffered as long as human, a good shop development strategy can only be empty talk.

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