How do Korean jewelry wllp

March 15, 2017

South Korea are greatly concerned, Korean clothing sells non-stop, Korean jewelry also won the high acid degree of concern. "Korean" jewelry suction eye strength is not good, also sold in the domestic situation, development prospects should not be underestimated.

has a long history of jewelry market

mention South Korea jewelry industry, have to mention the South Gate of Seoul market. Today, the 600 year history of the South Korean national treasure No. 1 "market has become a famous international giant jewelry collection and distribution center. It is understood that in Seoul was designated as the capital of South Korea 600 years ago, the South Gate (formerly Chongli gate) is the capital of 4 closed Front Gate south, so far is the oldest wooden building in Seoul, is the symbol of Seoul. Was designated as the national treasure 1, the South Gate of the Korean people, especially the people of Seoul has a profound historical significance.

is located in the south east side door of the South Gate of the market in Seoul is South Korea’s largest and oldest market, more than 12 thousand stores and nearly 50 thousand businessmen and around the clock factory made it become the famous giant international wholesale market.

a daily average of up to 500 thousand people to visit the south gate to the frequent active business. Unlike other shopping malls in Seoul, the building of the building and the store as gorgeous and full of modern flavor, here are simple and simple traditional business and open shop. The traditional market of natural and simple businessmen and the various levels of shopping and pedestrians, people can feel the most simple, hard-working, kind-hearted Korean civilians side.

South Gate where the Central Financial District South Gate Road as the route, sightseeing and shopping complex, especially the South Gate of the market in the alley is often crowded. Therefore, China remind visitors to South Gate Shopping before recommended

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