Sichuan University organized the global entrepreneurship Summit Forum

March 15, 2017

As the first platform for college students to start their own businesses,

plays a very important role in innovation and entrepreneurship. At present, colleges and universities are actively exploring the effective way to support entrepreneurship, providing the optimal allocation of resources for entrepreneurs to promote the success rate of entrepreneurship.

"in Sichuan we have a training plan, every year to come up with 8 million yuan" whimsical fund "to encourage and support students to freedom to explore, bold attempt, to carry out disruptive innovation." In the opinion of the president of Sichuan University Xie Heping, cultivating students’ critical thinking and innovation ability, let them participate more in the innovation practice, therefore, in addition to the "whimsical" training plan, Sichuan also provides venture fund to allow students to try and break. According to Xie Heping introduction, Chengdu and Sichuan jointly established a $100 million venture fund, and will join the global alumni force, set up with the congregation to raise funds. At the same time, in order to provide students with a more innovative practice platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, in the school campus 3 out of nearly 6500 square meters of space, as a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship incubator incubator.

With the deepening of

"innovation often, entrepreneurs have not always." In the University of Electronic Science and Technology Vice President Yang Xiaobo seems to be a normal college students should be innovative, and entrepreneurship is a condition. Next year is the 60 anniversary of the University of Electronic Science and technology, one cycle since the University of Electronic Science and technology is still based on electronic information technology as the core, multidisciplinary coordinated development, the research direction, is still toward the direction of the research university. "School development, I think it is from single to multiple, and then to research, the final university would be what kind of? Entrepreneurial university." Yang Xiaobo said, University of Electronic Science and technology from the research hope went to entrepreneurial, and entrepreneurial understanding, is to cultivate students’ more successful recommendation

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