Taoyuan figure out 270 million art value lies in being appreciated

March 15, 2017

The value of the

collection is to understand it, in the near future, Zhang Daqian’s Taoyuan figure 270 million, some people think it is astronomical, but some people think it is worth it. The art world is such a magic, so many people fascinated!


"Taoyuan" is the representative of Zhang Daqian’s splashed ink painting works, and "Mount Lu map" was created in the same period roughly, is the creation of Zhang Daqian in the career of the most outstanding masterpiece. The creation of this piece of "Taoyuan", Chang Ju in the outskirts of Taipei, "Maya abode", Yang Shuang Xi Mei apes live safely. But he did not think, just two years later, near the new residential development, rapid population import, "land of idyllic beauty" atmosphere did not return.

1983 in January 20th, "Taoyuan" were sent to the Taipei Museum of history, at the time of the "Mount Lu" are juxtaposed have been collected in Taipei Museum of the Imperial Palace. "Taoyuan" in 1987 to the transaction price of HK $1 million 870 thousand were sold at Sotheby’s in Hongkong. "At that time," Taoyuan "is the North American collectors buy price is a record. Since then, this piece was made by well-known collectors by An Siyuan, Mike Takht and his wife were collected. Taoyuan figure out 270 million, which is after a lapse of 30 years, this piece of work to return to asia.

2013 Liu Yiqian in September at Sotheby’s in New York for $8 million (about 50 million 370 thousand yuan) pat Su Shi "Gong Fu tie". The Department of painting and calligraphy Museum in Shanghai was publicly referred to as "the hook contour fill the pseudo", causing the attention at home and abroad.

2009 in November 23rd, Beijing recommended

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