A street vendor selling clothing should pay attention to what

March 14, 2017

set up a stall selling clothing at present has become the choice of many people, however, a business that has the same fierce competition, if you want to do good business, there is more need our attention matters. Then, a street vendor selling clothing should pay attention to what?

many people just stall location is not good, but also its instability. So we have according to their own factors and environmental factors to select the most suitable we sell products, clothing stalls most suitable for women, men and children, try not to do novice pants, because the size of goods have too much pressure on.

divided pants shorts, jeans, casual, rendering, larger city taboo leggings, leggings rotten street, just a novice will choose to do this, just a multi stall will bring the advantages and disadvantages between market demand small, small volume, high profit. So the city can cross this point, is not recommended to sell pants!

is nothing more than two kinds of products go to spread mode, a low price, the main low-end, two, the main cost-effective. Of course, you can do the two modes of the same product, many novice is misunderstanding into the high-end products to operate in the stall, not only not suitable, novice to operate.

unless your sales person is very strong, once you have experienced, skilled operation, your decision is right, because your decision is to understand the extent of support of their local position of consumption level and procurement capabilities and products, if you are not the local people to wear shorts, you wouldn’t have to get a bunch of good effect.

If you pay attention to the quality of the

City, you get a bunch of cheap goods will cause slow-moving, again cheap goods are not mentioned before the low-end low price level, also the difference between these two, living elsewhere you must be people-oriented, taking history as a warning, to ground for the size, pondering is fruitless. In order to study the civic.

100-200 is a novice general purchase, purchase dozens of pieces, like what doesn’t work, money is too small, the customer is not good to choose, of course you have their own clothing styles, with dozens of pieces to sell the collocation, no problem, if you do not want to take dozens of pieces of clothes, a small broad, little chance.

Many novice

into 200 pieces of clothes, I found a problem, generally not the 200 all out, but chose to take part, keep in mind that this is a serious mistake, sellers pay attention to is the goods sell pile of mountain, we have 200, not all out, what hill? People are piled up a mountain, we can’t make a pile of new mountain, packets can always be right.

clothes hang up? Or pile up? A lot of people hang up some, pile up some, I want to say, a total of 200, even if you all hang up

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