“Raúl was taken from me very soon, but he fulfilled his dream”

May 14, 2020

first_imgOne has to check the mobile a couple of times, at the beginning of the telephone conversation, to verify that he is chatting with someone 19 years old, born in 2000 for more signs. Despite being touring the season of his debut in Second B, Rubén de Tomás speaks with self-confidence, like a veteran. Or as if he had been in the elite of his older brother, Raúl de Tomás, for years. Naturally face this double role, for being the ‘Alter ego’ of the new signing of Espanyol and at the same time player of a San Sebastián de los Reyes that this Sunday it will be measured with the parakeets in the Copa del Rey. “Raul is wanting to play to show that he keeps scoring goals”, Says Rubén. Who knows if he can start this Sunday, before Sanse. A bet? There the family is over: “I hope we win, even if my brother plays“ “It seems surreal to me that everything has come together in the same days. The draw was random and Raul’s signing until recently was unclear, so how were we going to imagine it”, Admits Rubén, about the double coincidence, to which a cherry can be put if both have minutes in this Sanse-Espanyol. “Hopefully, it would be a dream come true, because we have never faced. The whole family would be very proud of us, ”he says. “We have never faced each other and hopefully I will now pass in the Cup, it is surreal” This last sentence is not trivial. In Rubén’s vocabulary he sends that attachment for his own, and it is not for less. His father, also Raúl de Tomás although known footballistically as ‘Beni’, He also played (in fact, he militated in the Sanse). And his children opted for football because “he educated us on the premise that we would do what we believed in.” This was also contributed by his mother, Mila, who followed the almost five years that, already as a footballer of the Real Madrid quarry, Raúl was interned at SEK school. “Raul is more introverted than normal to not give the image of what is not”center_img Perhaps the one who suffered most all that time was Ruben, then a child. “It was hard, although we stayed very close. Raúl is a mirror to look like in everything, a hero for me”, He says. And abounds: “They took it away from home very soon, but the consolation is that he could fulfill his dream of being a great footballer“ What they do share, beyond distance, are hobbies. “We have very similar tastes, they call us boxing and cars. For Christmas, Raúl gave me a simulator”, Explains Rubén, who describes his older brother as“ very humble, respectful and close. It is more introverted than normal, precisely so as not to give the image of what is not”, He warns, about his fame of chop. But they recovered lost time, to coincide first in Valladolid and, until last summer, in Rayo Vallecano. Raúl, in the first team. Rubén, in the quarry. Can you imagine now playing in Espanyol B? The little one of Tomás laughs, but for now he says he feels “happy” in Sanse, despite not being playing much in his first year.@ rauldetomas17 ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Raúl and Rubén de Tomás, together, in an image published by RdT on the networks this week.@ rauldetomas17 “He’s looking forward to showing that he’s still scoring goals … But hopefully we win”last_img

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