Network marketing website promotion should also keep pace with the times

By on March 3, 2017

because of the development of science and technology, the development of the network, Internet users in the growth, everything is in progress, so our network marketing methods should also keep up with the development of the situation, otherwise it will fall behind the times

a   Broadband Era to the network marketing, website promotion brings changes and opportunities

      many network marketing methods in the past although some very classic, but it is based on the network development of the past, one of the most typical of the difference between the past and now has a narrow bandwidth, broadband, broadband penetration has been basically popularized to change, the Internet will bring more and more also, but also to network marketing and website promotion method brings new opportunities. read more

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Magic department was led by latitude and longitude investment 20 million yuan A round of financing

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today 36 krypton exclusive, "magic department" has received 20 million yuan A round of financing at the beginning of this year, the China led by latitude and longitude, it real fund, innovation valley with the cast. It is reported that the funds will be mainly used for team building, product iteration, etc..

we introduced in December last year, the magic department store". In general, it can be described as a target 95, after the new consumer groups of B2C electronic business platform. Specific practices, snacks, jewelry, bags, stationery and other goods around two yuan in 95 after the main platform for selection of love. These are mostly fun fun little things, the customer price is relatively low, in order to fit the user after 95 more fragmented consumption. In order to reduce the cost of user selection, magic department will set up personalized labels to classify different products, such as Japanese girl, wonderful groceries, etc.. read more

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Qualcomm express to the United States listed financing 1 billion 400 million market capitalization

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Tencent science and technology news through express (ZTO Express) on Wednesday in the United States, the scale of financing reached $1 billion 400 million. It has also become the largest company in the U.S. stock market this year, IPO.

express through the final determination of the issue price of $19.50 per share, higher than the previously announced price range of $16.50 to $18.50 per share. Calculated in accordance with the issue price, the market value of more than $12 billion through courier. read more

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How to get high quality traffic

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Hello everyone! I would like to discuss with you today, how to get high quality traffic, a classification of information website!

first of all, I personally think that a number of important factors to determine the source of high quality traffic:

a, high quality links

two, high quality website content and function

three, a high quality user experience

four, high-quality browsing Internet users

five, efficient and accurate online advertising network

six, SEO

ZhengZhan optimization of high quality read more

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Mito’s APP why they can detonate overseas social network

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recently, the United States and overseas companies continue to break through the good news. Before the Spring Festival, we reported how Meitu Xiu Xiu became popular in Europe and the United States in the night, during the Spring Festival, another product "Mito Mito company’s beauty camera" summit in Japan APP Store free list "and" video camera and single list two list.


in Japan’s social network, beauty camera is a scraper is because one is called "dizzy" purikura effects. This effect can turn anyone into a circle of eyes, a little cute, but also a bit ridiculous, give people the feeling is very strange. read more

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How to promote campus forum

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now has a lot of personal webmaster is to build a campus forum, the number is still more than enough, then we talk about how to promote the campus forum. Campus Forum promotion means nothing more than offline promotion and online promotion, but due to the particularity of campus forum, the specific way of promotion are not the same place, here is my personal understanding of my experience to talk about how to promote the campus forum, said the first online promotion methods:

1 campus network, QQ alumni promotion: I believe that now most of the high school has been in this kind of mainstream SNS site has a seat, so you will find their own school, and his friends, generally speaking, they are not rejected, to their personal space message, don’t forget the signature like into your forum address, the best logo will also head into the name of this forum, logo design recommendations highlight the school, you can slowly leave a memory in our mind. read more

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Talk about my weight loss website type analysis

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weight loss website a lot, in order to facilitate the reference, according to different types, do the following classification:

1, a large health website, portal weight loss channel. There are two levels of directory, there are sub domain name. Such sites due to the obvious advantages of resources, whether it is the flow or search engine rankings, are significantly better than the weight of the site built by individual webmaster, accounting for 5% of all weight loss website. The main profit model: weight loss website cooperation fees, advertising fees. Promotion: very few active publicity, promotion, generally rely on the portal to bring a lot of traffic to attract businesses to advertise. read more

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nternet era electricity supplier website to impress your visitors

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as everyone knows, the way of marketing, tactics. Internet era, the electricity supplier website is concerned, only the hearts of visitors can really move in order to truly achieve the success of electricity supplier marketing revenue. So, what do you think the electricity supplier website to impress your visitors?

a, sincere!

allows visitors to fully feel the sincerity of the site, feel the friendship of the enterprise. To do this, is not easily. Just imagine, the general sense of the site are mostly silent, dull passive stack cold page combination, especially in the site of serious homogenization of thousands of network side today, which not only make the first visit of the guests feel at a loss, also let the general visitors is laborious and time consuming. Such a site belongs to the stiff or indifferent, not only easier to be ignored or left behind, but also more easily submerged in the vast ocean of the Internet and unknown. read more

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Why many companies have not yet launched a social marketing

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read a few days ago, "Mandy", "the era of universal endorsement brand new logic", the article is quite agree with the view, so the recent thought of something to record.

traditional marketing on social media

before Facebook, all brands are bored in the traditional means of doing marketing, racking their brains to do creative, advertising in the mass media, to attract more people to know, and then establish goodwill, purchase, maintenance and user loyalty.

when the consumer media consumption habits change, when you spend more time on social media such as Facebook, each brand head feel the threat from social media, "it feels like when Jay Chou first became famous for Emil Chau their feelings, do not know how to deal with, but that era people are the same is inevitable. read more

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What does a good copywriter usually look like

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to write a copy of the text seems to be a very desirable thing, each of the small partners love the text are envious. Can not help but think of their own, but also the kind of fantasy, but the customer will always make you sober. We say, in the face of different situations, the writer should have what kind of reaction.

our company is hiring recently.

received a lot of resumes, so some feelings.

how did I get the first time as a bad boss,


looked at many youth strokes, imagine when a copy of the feeling, there seems to be a more than this man of gifted pen, feeling. read more

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