Environmental work news conference good water environment Xining people drink three kinds of water

By on April 11, 2017

June 4th, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal environmental work press conference, the Xining Environmental Quality Status Bulletin released in 2014, the overall stability of the city’s environmental quality in 2014. Last year, the number of days of good air quality in our city for 265 days, the fine rate was 72.8%; 7 water supplies water to three water quality requirements; regional acoustic environment quality is better, the road traffic noise increased slightly, functional area slightly compared with the previous year sound environmental quality fluctuation. read more

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Open high quality thematic democratic life

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On the afternoon of June 24th, the municipal education practice leading group held a briefing on the topic of democratic life of the municipal Party committee, to promote the city’s Party organizations at all levels to open a high quality of democratic life. At the meeting, the municipal Party committee, commission for Discipline Inspection Ma Haiying informed the Municipal Standing Committee Team thematic democratic life situation, municipal committee, deputy mayor of the city government informed the Democratic Party of the democratic life of the topic of the situation of the group of. Municipal Committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning chaired the meeting.

is the county departments and units to a good feature of democratic life, the day of the meeting, the leaders should further strengthen the spirit of play, through this serious party life, so that leading cadres at all levels have a profound ideological soul by baptism, a profound belief, get a touch the depth of awakening, new achievements in promoting a new starting point of educational practice; the preparatory work done solid do meticulous, good talk, materials, criticism, rectification, and strive to every step, every step, do solid work done in place, so that the soul touched, thought to be improved truly, face the problem, bath treatment. read more

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Add 222 thousand fixed broadband users in our province

By on April 8, 2017

2016 years, the Provincial Communications Authority in accordance with the Ministry of industry and information technology, the provincial government’s decision to deploy, optimize the development environment in the efforts to seek a breakthrough in the construction of information and communications infrastructure, continue to promote the reform of the supply side information and communication industry, form the basis of quality, dynamic stability, development of foot, increasing the size of the information the development of a new form of communication. read more

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Leading cadres of the city’s public security organs to visit the punishment and prevention of crime

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Recently, the City Public Security Bureau organized the city’s public security organs above the county level leading cadres and police inspector inspection, a total of more than 80 people visit the museum in Qinghai province "the rule of law and the responsibility of the procuratorial organs to punish and prevent malfeasance crime Exhibition Tour

recently, the City Public Security Bureau organized the city’s public security organs above the county level leading cadres and police inspector inspection, a total of more than 80 people visit the museum in Qinghai province "the rule of law and the responsibility of the procuratorial organs to punish and prevent malfeasance crime exhibition tour. Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, deputy director Shen Sen, bureau Party committee, deputy director of the Zhang Haining, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the deputy director of the board of directors, deputy director of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Committee, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Committee, deputy director. read more

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2015 Xining Housing Fair will be hot

By on April 6, 2017

The morning of September 15th, sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Xining city housing security and Property Management Bureau, Xining City Real Estate Association, Xining City real estate transaction management, Chiaki exhibition planning Co., Qinghai Spring Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. organized the 2015 Xining real estate and Home Furnishing Industry Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Housing Fair) and at the Qinghai International Exhibition Center Hall B grand curtain. The housing fair, green, Wanda, new Hualian, jinzuo, limeng, Ningxia, Albert, in the new millennium, the sea bright, northwest, and other three, tamie strength housing prices in the current housing fair on in appearance, which makes the majority of home to home buyers are hooked.

2015 Housing Fair has started two days, hot atmosphere gradually strong, popularity of South International Exhibition Center Hall B more prosperous, to participate in this exhibition in the home buyers are attracted to a variety of unique clothing style, the housing fair consistent excellent organizational ability to obtain numerous public praise.

current housing fair to the "livable Xining happy life" as the theme, around the famous real estate benefits the city people "purposes, with the government set up the stage, singing, housing prices of live television, people involved in the exhibition function and service characteristics, for all sectors of the majority of home buyers in Xining launched a sumptuous meal market". During the exhibition, many exhibitors housing prices in order to attract more public exhibition concept, have orchestrated various theme activities, doing all kinds of tricks to attract the attention of buyers, such as special offer real site signings promotions, sweepstakes activities, the opening scene arrived in the housing fund promotional activities, on-site interpretation activities……

2015 Housing Fair Organizing Committee staff said that the current Housing Fair held to promote the sustained stable and healthy development of the real estate market in Xining, fully stimulate the vitality of the market, the role of real estate in the steady growth, structural adjustment,;
read more

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Charity auction to take care of financial support Ludian

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"Calligraphy" Du · poems "; 8900 yuan, the last time. Deal!" "Photography" Chinese antelope "1200 yuan, the last time. Deal!" In September 26th, Qinghai Fu Yin Changle International Hotel, by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Cultural Office of press and publication, and radio, film and Television Bureau, the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, the Provincial Federation, the provincial Red Cross and other nine units jointly organized the "Ludian relief · Qinghai dedication love" large-scale public auction, auction, sale of all kinds of art 34, bringing together 121700 Yuan love money. The auction proceeds are used to support the disaster area in Ludian, and the provincial Red Cross donation information release platform for publicity. The charity auction is a major measure to support the Red Cross disaster in Ludian province. Auction auction includes calligraphy, painting, photography, stone, Thangka and other works of art. The campaign to build our province culture and art circles of love and dedication platform, strong support of the provincial Calligraphers Association, Provincial Artists Association, Daoxing photographers and other units, the province of many famous calligraphers, painters and photographers and collectors to actively participate. The auction will be donated to the donation of calligraphy, painting, photography, strange stones, Thangka and other works of art more than 560 pieces. At the same time, the activities of the community to build a platform for the dedication of love. More than 60 representatives of enterprises and individuals to participate in the love of the auction, enthusiastic auction, collection of art dedication love.   read more

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Datong County 289 farm house was completed

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In recent years, Datong County continue to increase capital investment, to fully implement the Huimin project, and for the tangible things, good things, solve the difficulties and problems existing in production and daily life, further promote the development of grass-roots culture.

in recent years, Datong County continue to increase capital investment, to fully implement the Huimin project, and for the tangible things, good things, solve the difficulties and problems existing in production and daily life, further promote the development of grass-roots culture. Since 2008 to carry out the county within the scope of the farm house construction project, as of now, the cumulative investment of 5 million 780 thousand yuan in the county’s 289 villages completed a comprehensive farm house. Each farm house invested 20 thousand yuan with 1520 volumes of books, audio and video products 100, 4 pay 1 Shelf Bookcase, pay, 1 sets of cultural information resources sharing project, to achieve the "village house, everyone has read the book" the goal. read more

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Adapt to the new normal implementation of new ideas for new

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A deed is accomplished through taking thought。

entered the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, to face the new normal under the double pressure of economic growth and transformation and upgrading of Qinghai, a comprehensive well-off society and the national synchronized, especially need to temper a thought of.

March 27th morning, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee, 269 leading cadres into the provincial Party school as a student to participate in the province’s leading cadres to study and implement the new concept of development seminar. A provincial center group members, there are municipalities, county (city, District Committee, ICBC) is the main party responsible comrades, provincial ministries, provincial departments and units, people’s organizations and mass organizations, universities, provincial enterprises and the central unit responsible comrades in qingdao. read more

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n the first half of the province’s open recruitment career development staff 1730

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provincial government in accordance with the overall arrangements for the province’s 2016 annual examination of recruitment recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security audit record, the province of Xining, Haidong, Hainan, Yushu, the 5 city state society oriented recruitment announcement, the county medical personnel and other institutions and organs of primary and middle school teachers, Qin a total of 1730 people.

it is reported that in the first half of this year, cities and counties in the province to open recruitment of the total number of job preparation staff. This year, the county medical personnel recruitment of teachers and primary and middle schools in our province, respectively, by the Provincial Department of education, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission and the provincial Commission Office approval, unified into the city state institutions annual recruitment scope, by the state to organize implementation. Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the provincial organization department will focus on strengthening the comprehensive guidance and supervision of the work of city business recruitment, provide information, work platform, registration and other aspects of the written examination proposition technical support and docking services work, and the overall recruitment plan city state approval for the record, accelerate the establishment of a new mechanism of the recruitment business unit of unified norms and guidance, classification management. read more

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Western development assistance projects in our province to help poor students 2080

By on April 3, 2017

There will be 100 poor, excellent in character and learning class Hongzhi middle school students and 80 students admitted to the key university poor students benefit from the "western development assistance project" National Day later, per person per year respectively by 3000 yuan and 5000 yuan subsidy.

Province, western development assistance project "since 2000 officially started, this year a total funding of over 980 poor students, 1100 high school students, (in Ledu, Beijing, Huangzhong, a mutual aid office class Hongzhi 26), the amount of subsidy of 16 million 130 thousand yuan. High school funding 3000 yuan per academic year, the University Grants $5000 per academic year, a total of 20000 yuan in four years. read more

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Tibetan and Chinese bilingual education information system won the silver medal

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in October 15th to the end of the second Chinese "Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship contest finals, Qinghai Normal University team "bilingual education information system", from nearly 120 thousand talent shows itself in the event, after the early beginning of the network evaluation and centralized review, and during the final presentation and defense of fierce competition finally, won the silver medal, the best achievements since it is to participate in the competition of our province. read more

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Supermarket chain ten brands list

By on April 2, 2017

supermarket for the current number of people are not unfamiliar, because he is one of the consumers. And with the development of the whole market, the supermarket brand is more and more, giving consumers more choice. However, any one industry, once the brand more, will naturally bring trouble to the choice. Here, the small series to introduce the supermarket chain ten brands list, so that both consumers and investors can make their own choice.

supermarket and supermarket, usually refers to the product of open shelf display, customer self selection, payment of a settlement. With the operation of fresh food, household goods mainly to the shops. Supermarket is a self-service, open self-service retail companies. It is developed after the Second World War, originated in Europe and the United States, and now in Europe and the United States more than a dozen countries have supermarkets in 200 thousand. read more

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Thousands of painters around the country to support the Lake Race

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In January 29th, the second session of the "river source Cup" Qinghai Lake international road cycling race national calligraphy competition awards ceremony, competition received 1783 domestic and foreign artists support since the start of last year, these artists of the more than 2 thousand works, after the initial evaluation and re evaluation, the final selection of 2 gold medals, 6 silver medals, 12 bronze, excellence award 42, award 43.

on the day of the ceremony, the Provincial Sports Bureau Zhang Ning announced the third annual "Jiang Yuan Cup" Qinghai Lake international road cycling race national calligraphy competition officially opened.   read more

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The 58 bus extended to nursing homes

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Xining Yihe Social Services Limited investment in the construction of the Xining Yi old park, is the Xining municipal government in 2008 the project for the tangible things, approved by the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau is currently the province’s largest pension services.

In order to solve the

and nursing homes for the elderly and family travel inconvenience, city traffic bureau under the municipal government requirements, with the city bus company many times after the visit, on September 1st will be extended to 58 bus and nursing homes, to extend the line after the new "Rui Yuan Lu", "Zhuang and road", "Tsinghua road three sites, convenient lines extended along the public school students and get everyone’s praise. read more

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Taxi fare adjustment

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taxi industry to ease the rising operating costs of our city pressure, operating costs and digestion of natural gas price adjustment and related costs of taxi operators, effectively solve the city taxi difficult and illegal operation of vehicles flooding phenomenon. Provincial and municipal government agreed that the city intends to adjust taxi fares. December 4th morning, the public and taxi drivers are very concerned about the Xining city taxi tariff adjustment hearing held. The preliminary examination opinions for the municipal development and Reform Commission proposed the taxi tariff adjustment, the participants put forward opinions and suggestions on issues related to the taxi tariff adjustment, the necessity and feasibility of the taxi industry regulation service and combat "black". There are three reasons for the price adjustment of
one reason: at present, the price of natural gas price adjustment has a certain impact on the operation cost of city rental industry, and in 2006 April the city of taxi price adjustment, the price has been adjusted. During this period, the operating costs of taxi gas costs, vehicle maintenance and repair costs and other aspects have been improved in varying degrees, so that taxi operators income decline.
two reasons: the "play hard" has become a common phenomenon, at the same time, the "black car", such as flood peak reluctance of the bus and taxi fare is low also have obvious relationship. Therefore, through price leverage, will effectively solve the city taxi difficult and illegal operation of vehicles flooding phenomenon, solve the problem of low fare, taxi to improve operational efficiency, promote the healthy and stable development of the taxi industry.
three reasons: can be established between all kinds of traffic tools and reasonable price relations, leading some of the passengers choose bus travel, taxi to better meet the public demand for personalized travel.
– the price impact on passengers. 2006 to 2013, the city’s consumer prices; read more

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The province’s private enterprises to promote poverty alleviation activities will be held on site

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9 23, the province’s private enterprises to promote poverty alleviation activities will be held on-site. Vice governor Yan Jinhai attended and spoke, vice governor, Provincial Federation President Kuang Yong presided over the meeting, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Ren Qing Jie attended the meeting.


meeting, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce responsible comrade of the province’s private enterprises "100 enterprises, joint enterprises hundred hundred villages to help households precise poverty alleviation action, the second batch of village enterprises signed on behalf of signed and made the exchange statement. read more

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Xining foreign affairs and overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the introduction of Japanese agricultu

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Recently, I invited Mr. Katori Shio, an agricultural expert in Japan, to guide the carrot breeding technology in our Vegetable Research Institute

recently, I invited Mr. Katori Shio, an agricultural expert in Japan, to guide the carrot breeding technology in our city.

In order to improve our city

carrot breeding technology, improve the quality of carrot, solve the problem of bolting carrot in growth process appears, according to the technical problems of vegetable paper, outside the overseas Chinese Affairs Office for the City Vegetable Research Institute invited to the Japanese agriculture expert Mr. Katori Shio. Mr. Katori Shio graduated from Kasetsart University in Japan. He is currently engaged in the research, popularization and promotion of the cultivation techniques of fruits and vegetables in Chiba County Agricultural Technology Extension center. Experts have been to Shandong, Anhui, Sichuan and other places to carry out technical guidance, praised by all over the world. Mr. Katori Shio Ning, Datong, Huangzhong, into Huangyuan, north of the city zone and the vegetable research base and carrot planting base, planting and breeding of carrots in our city a detailed understanding of the situation, and conducted 3 seminars, introduces the carrot planting and cultivation technology, breeding of new varieties of carrot in Japan technology to agricultural technicians in our city, introduced the anti bolting carrot breeding methods and influence factors of bolting carrot and carrot bolting mechanism of technical knowledge. read more

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The year of judicial reform from the report

By on March 31, 2017

to further promote the reform of the central deployment of major reform, earnestly implement the 65 reform initiatives of the people’s court"……

revision of the five year plan for the reform of procuratorial work, the introduction of the reform of the legal system of accountability and other documents of 23"……

2016 is the year to comprehensively deepen the reform of the judicial system. From the president of the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate Zhou Qiang Cao Jianming 13 to the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress work report, people heard footsteps clanging steadily before the construction of the rule of law, but also clearly perceived China accelerate the construction of a fair, efficient and authoritative socialist judicial system, build a strong determination to uphold social fairness and justice the last line of defense. read more

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Western three level information platform to serve the masses

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Home care for the elderly and children who help? Street noise nuisance, who should be in charge? Although these are trivial things, but pieces related to people’s lives. To the next two years, the West District of innovative community public service and management model, the first to build a service in the province of the people of the three level of information platform, so that people enjoy the fruits of urban digital management.Since the

a spirit of "6112345"

in Xishan Lane in a family home this year, only one family did not post the insulation layer, tenants are two advanced in age of the elderly, they call 6112345 for help. Taking into account the actual situation of the two elderly families, West District construction board promised to install insulation layer. Mr. Pu reflect the public, near the green building near the bridge is often the hands of fortune teller liar, feedback to the West District Urban Management Bureau, the Council immediately solved the problem. Ms. Mu to reflect the public telephone, the 54 street theatre in Qinghai City Fuyuan gold Hot pot LED big screen all night lights flashing, seriously affected the normal residents across the rest. After receiving the reflection, contact the hotline operator immediately with the city office staff, office staff and gold Fuyuan staff consultations after the solution to this problem.

free government services for the people
read more

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