July 16 2008 We last reported on the construct

August 10, 2019

first_imgJuly 16, 2008 We last reported on the construction effort at the Visitors Center entrance on 7/2 and 7/4/08. A thick telephone cable intersects the curve from stage 3 to stage 4 of the ramp, and the crew has to dig a deeper trench to protect this cable. [Photo & text: sa] A few days later and workshop participants TJ Bogan and Mateo Mir Bashiri are leveling stage 5 of the handicap ramp. [Photo & text: sa] And this morning the crew is working on the last part and stage 6 of the zig-zag ramp that will lead from the visitors parking lot to the Crafts III visitors center, and make access more comfortable for physically challenged visitors. [Photo & text: sa]last_img

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